Administration Management Unit

  • Manage documents, correspondence and file system.
  • Provide ¬†facilities, safety and welfare of staff.
  • Manage inventory records and assets and disposal process.
  • Manage UTM Student Work ¬†Recruitment Scheme.
  • PHB resource center.

Human Resource Management and Training Unit

  • Manage over 320 of staff in various aspects of services.
  • Manage the Staff Training Plan.
  • Implementing the hosting of various Internal Training Program.
  • Conduct an assessment of the effectiveness and Training Action Plan.

Finance and Quality Unit

  • Manage the budget preparation and distribution.
  • Manage the preparation of various claims and the payment of the staff, suppliers and company.
  • Responsible for controlling expenses and providing financial records.
  • Manage payment in cash.
  • As the secretariat and document manager to ISO certification program.
  • Gather information and prepare documents for quality awards.
  • Secretariat for 5’s and group programs.