The Office of Asset and Development (OAD) was established on 27 December, 1973. Its function was not only as the ‘provider’ for the maintenance for the University but was also responsible for the ongoing campus planning, development, upgrading, renovations, space and vehicle booking services.    The office is divided into 5 divisions namely: Maintenance & Upgrading Division, Development Division, Contract Division, Services Division and Administration & Human Resource Division.The Maintenance and  Upgrading Division is the largest division in terms of manpower and its scope of work.The division has 5 units which take care of all the aspects of maintenance concerning campus facilities, which include buildings, upgrading works, electrical and air-conditioning systems, water supply, waste management, infrastructures and landscaping.      The Development Division is responsible for the planning of infrastructural facilities for UTM campus in order to meet the university requirements as well as the implementation of capital projects. At present, in the division there is a Project Unit which manages the construction of several projects under RMK9 budget amounting to nearly RM 1.0 billion.  PHB02 
   The other unit which is the Planning unit manages the budget submission for RMK 10 projects which was submitted to the Higher Education Ministry in November 2009. The Contract Division is a new division established to be independent of other divisions to manage matters related to procurement and contractual.  
   The Administration and Human Resource Division provides administrative support to the OAD. The Division oversees the administration, finance, human resources and public relations. It manages activities such as training, IT resources, preparation of financial statements, preparation of publications, despatching of documents, preparation of OAD internal space working facilities and office equipment rental.   
   Another new division is the Services Division. The division is in charge of the Ecotourism Campus initiative, fleet booking, space booking, space rental, managing technical preparations for UTM official functions as well as provide other support services for events and activities organized by the UTM community.