Generally there are three types of business opportunities provided by PHB, UTM namely:


In implementing development projects as UTM, we require consulting services of competent consultants. We welcome dynamic, innovative and ambitious consultant to join us to realize the sustainable development of the UTM campus towards world-class university. Areas of consultation required are as follows:

i.   Architecture
ii.  Civil & Structure
iii.  Mechanical & Electrical
iv.  Quantity Surveyor
v.   Landscape Architecture


There are two main methods of procurement used in PHB which is quotation and tender. Tender usually used for new building or buildings development and quotations are usually used for small renovation and maintenance work.


Apart from works, PHB is also managing quotation and tender ranging from various item such as supply of furniture (RMK projects), office equipment, electronic equipment (cameras, computers, walkie-talkie, etc), maintenance store materials (piping materials, paints, door and window accessories, etc), equipment for vehicle workshops (spare parts, tools, etc), nurseries needs etc.


In general, all contractors or consultants who wish to enter the business offered in UTM required to register with UTM under UTMfin System. In addition, contractors or consultants should be registered with CIDB and PKK or Ministry Of Finance depends on the business that they would like to join.


UTMfin System was first introduced by UTM in the beginning of year 2009. This in intended to facilitate the works management process and updates the list of contractor in UTM.The fee charged to the contractors who wish to register is at RM12.00. After successful registration is made, the contractor will receive a certificate of registration. Each registration is valid for a period of two (2) years.For the registration of work contractors (CIDB & PKK), registration can be made at Contract Division Office, PHB. As for supply and service contractor registration, the registration  may be at the Treasurer’s Office, UTM. Please bring along all relevant document to facilitate the registration which is relevant registration certificate (CIDB/PKK/Treasury/SSM) and bank account information.


Contractors who wish to participate in the works offered at PHB must be registered with Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) in the appropriate grade and category and the Contractor Service Centre (PKK). For procurement work under RM200,000 only registered contractors in Johor Bahru eligible to participate and work for the procurement amounting from RM200,000 to RM500,000, contractors registered in the state of Johor only eligible to participate.


Contractors who wish to participate in the procurement of supplies/services in the UTM must be registered with the Ministry Of Finance in a relevant code of practice. For consultation services, the consultants must be with the Ministry Of Finance in a related field.


Procurements offered by PHB will be advertised as below:


The tender offered will be advertised in local newspapers and the Tender Table Document will be display in the Office Of Treasurer, UTM.The tender advertisement will also be posted on the bulletin board at Contract Division Office, PHB.


Quotation offered will be displayed on the counter of the Contract Division Office, PHB. Contractors who are interested may contact the Officer In-Charge at 07-5530123 to query about quotation that is being offered.